(A Conference and Table-top Exhibition)

Current and Future trends, usage of Fibers in various Nutritional formulations
Nutraceuticals | Food & Health Supplements | Nutri Bars & Biscuits | Functional Foods & Beverages
A technical seminar and product demonstration
12th July 2019 @ NCR, New Delhi


F1rst cordially invites you to the GiTEx-Table-top Exhibition, a special programme designed to exhibit and demonstrate the nutrition solutions applicable in food and beverage industry.

The current programme will focus on the usage of Fibres in Nutraceuticals, Food supplements, protein-based formulations eg. nutri bars, biscuits, sports nutrition products, supplements for kids, women and adults and other nutraceutical products. This will also include technical sessions from experts of Tata Chemicals. The event is scheduled to be held on 12th July 2019 at NCR, New Delhi.

Market players will see the product exhibits and get the opportunity to listen and interact with the industry experts on various benefits of FOS in wide range of nutraceutical products and food supplements. They will also be involved in hands-on testing experience which will help them to fully comprehend the value-addition promised by the product.

Highlights of this event:

  • The event will exhibit and demonstrate more on the prebiotic and dietary Fibres from fermented cane sugar
  • What are the key functions of these Fibres in Nutraceuticals and Food supplements
  • How these Fibres can help in reduction or replacement of sugar in their products. In addition, the different other benefits of dietary and prebiotic fibres will be discussed during the session
  • Participants will be able to see the product concepts and listen to the experts on the various product benefits of dietary fibres and they will also be involved in a hands-on testing experience which will help them to fully comprehend the value-addition promised by the ingredients
  • Our GiTEx event will help participants understand the value that Prebiotic and Dietary fibres can add to their business in the most cost-efficient manner
  • To provide the opportunity to interact with key processors in the region for ingredients, processes and packaging

We extend our complimentary invitation to this event for key producers.

The event will provide a platform for smooth interaction between the leading producer and the prospective users from the Indian Pharma/Nutraceutical and food supplements companies.

A lucky draw will be made at the end of the event amongst the participants present and the winner will receive a smartphone.

This is an exclusive event by invitation only.

Looking forward to your positive consideration and response.


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