(A Conference and Table-top exhibition)
Current and Future trends & usage of Fibres
Nutraceuticals | Food & Health Supplements | Nutri Bars & Biscuits | Functional Foods & Beverages
A technical seminar and product demonstration
19th July, 2019 @ The Park Hotel, NCR, New Delhi

F1rst is a business research & consultancy organization with a strong focus on food ingredient markets. Its highly qualified and experienced partners are able to provide strategic insights into the ingredient sector. As a part of F1rst’s innovative services for the food and beverage industry, GiTEx (table-top exhibition by F1rst) is designed to provide the most convenient and cost-effective interaction between the ingredient suppliers and the end user companies. GiTEx is strictly not a sales conference, and the day is planned to provide a technical understanding of the use of specific ingredients/equipment in the chosen food sector.

Visiting trade shows does not guarantee meetings with selected ingredient suppliers and the overall setting is not optimal for in-depth discussions. This current format of GiTEx provides an opportunity to reach many small and medium food processors under one roof. GiTEx enables suppliers to customize their information, product samples, etc. to the specific needs of processors.

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F1rst, is conducting the GiTEx-Table Top Exhibition, a special programme designed to exhibit and demonstrate the prebiotic solutions applicable in food and beverage industry.

The focus would be on the usage of these Fibres in Nutraceuticals, Food supplements, protein-based formulations eg nutri bars, biscuits, sports nutrition products, supplements for kids, women and adults and other nutraceutical products.

GiTEx will facilitate the participants understand the value these Fibres can add to their products in the most cost-efficient manner.

Market players will see the product exhibits and get the opportunity to listen and interact with the industry experts on various benefits of FOS in wide range of nutraceutical products and food supplements. They will also be involved in hands-on testing experience which will help them to fully comprehend the value-addition promised by the product.

Extension of shelf life, reducing or replacing sugar, texture enhancement and other properties will be talked about with the key processors. In addition, packaging and regulations will be a part of the discussion.

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Glimpse of Tata NQ (part of Tata Chemicals Ltd)

Tata NQ, is a science-backed Nutritional Solutions wing of Tata Chemicals Ltd, which powers microbiome innovations. Specialized in fermentation technology, a group of scientists with an avid interest and expertise in area of microbiome health and food application science work to create `healthy indulgence’ solutions. The company manufactures prebiotics, Fossence and Gossence, the food for the beneficial microorganisms in the gut via nature inspired fermentation. From cookies, milk drinks, nutribars to chocolates, the team has created prototypes for delivering healthy prebiotics in tasteful ways.

Why Tata NQ?

Tata NQ is the nutritional solutions division of Tata Chemicals Ltd, a group company of the USD 140 billion Tata conglomerate- offering science-backed nutritional solutions through innovative ingredients, food technology services, R&D expertise & world class manufacturing facilities.


• Only manufacturer of FOS + GOS prebiotics in India

• 5000 MTPA Greenfield plant at Nellore | Existing operations at Sriperumbudur

• 60 member food-tech & R&D scientists based out of Pune Innovation Centre

About Fossence

• Fossence, is a non- digestible carbohydrate, (not digested by human body)

• As a dietary fibre, it enhances bowel movement. In addition, it aids to reduce sugar in product formulations

• Fossence, as a short Chain FOS with chain length or DP 3-5, gets readily fermented (0-4 hrs) in the early part of the gut

• SCFA (Short Chain Fatty Acid) is seen with the growth of beneficial microflora. SCFA are known to positively influence many bodily functions, including metabolism of nutrients

• As a prebiotic, it acts as a food for the beneficial microorganisms in the gut

• It tastes naturally sweet (from 40% to 70% sweetness as sucrose)

• As a non- digestible carbohydrate, it is Low GI and Low Calorie

• Fossence, has a good digestive tolerance, greater SCFA production, and lower PH of the gut post fermentation in comparison with other well known prebiotics

• It is made from in-house developed bio fermentation of cane sugar , minimal processing

• Stimulates intestinal immunity and suppresses the pathogenic bacteria and improves digestive health

Benefits in Applications

Reduce or to replace sugar, bake friendly, enhanced sensorial, prebiotic goodness, ease of use, humectant, shelf life extender, mask off notes, mouth feel, improve dough rheology, flavour enhancer, heat stable, bulking agent, good binding properties, Good Browning effect and enhances freeze thaw properties.

Promotes and stimulates the growth of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria in the gut.

General Health benefit – Gut and digestive health, weight management, diabetes management, immune health, bone health and mineral absorption, non- carcinogenic.

Specific Health benefit:

• Probiotic enrichment – Promotes growth of healthy intestinal microflora

• Mineral absorption – Increases absorption of minerals in the large intestine including calcium, iron and magnesium.

• Sports nutrition – Support sustained Glycaemia

• Geriatric health – Significant implications on bone density & gut health improvement

• Functional benefit – 100% soluble, sugar substitute, taste enhancer, and texture improver

• Claim benefits – Rich/High in dietary fibre, contains prebiotic fibre, reduced/Low sugar , source of dietary fibre, non-digestible carbs, aids bowel movement, aids in microflora growth, natural sweetener, rich in nutrition, good for gut and aids in healthy gut

• Physiological benefits –  decreased levels of serum cholesterol, triacylglycerols and phospholipids, prevents dental caries as a natural sweetener, regularise and improves the metabolism of blood sugar and lipid profile

Growing concern

Poor intake of dietary fibres can lead to digestive discomforts and intestinal disorders associated with bowel movements.

Why Fossence?

The gut houses majority of the intestinal microflora, both the beneficial (probiotics) and the non-beneficial. The digestive system and the brain are connected to the gut that, it is popularly referred to as the “Second brain” and it is known that around 70% of immune cells reside in the gut. Imbalances in the gut microbiome are seen to impact conditions from our mood to our bowel health and are known to be a precursor to many inflammatory conditions in the body. Thus, Fossence enhances the digestive, bone, cardiac, immune and overall health with the goodness of prebiotics.

Fossence profile

Focused sectors

Nutraceuticals, food & health supplements, health drinks, nutri bars, diet foods, nutri biscuits(cookies), functional foods, functional beverages and nutritional formulations.

Other potential/favourable Sectors and sub sectors

Bakery, beverages (juices), frozen dairy toppings, concentrates and syrups, confectionery, spreads, baby/infant formula, breakfast cereals, cakes, ice cream, yogurt, flavoured milk and pet food.

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Event Highlights

• This conference aims to highlight, why prebiotics are vital to efforts to modulate the gut microbiome and improve health?

• Why should consumers care for their gut?

• Captivating insights include, untapped opportunities of FOS as an ingredient in various applications. The growing concerns of malnutrition and sedentary life style associated diseases

• The event will exhibit and demonstrate more on the prebiotic dietary fibres

• Key functions of prebiotics dietary fibres and its application in Nutraceuticals and Food supplements and various other sectors

• How these fibres can help the formulators in reduction or replacement of sugar in their products. In addition, the other benefits such as nutritional benefits, claim benefits and functional benefits of dietary prebiotic fibres will be provided by the Industrial expert

• This unique platform will provide a wholesome view of how prebiotic dietary fibres play an indispensable role in health and wellness sector. An overall picture of soluble fibres and specifically the role of Fossence will be discussed during the session

• Participants will be able to gather insights about Fossence, and listen to the experts talk on the ingredient related benefits which will include applications, functional properties, and claim benefits, of dietary fibres. They will also be involved in a hands-on testing experience which will help them to fully comprehend the value-addition promised by the ingredients

• The GiTEx event will help participants to understand the use of prebiotic dietary fibres and use it in their product formulations in a most cost-efficient manner. The event will provide a platform for smooth interaction between the leading producer and the prospective users from the Indian /Nutraceutical and food supplements companies

Benefits of applications in the end sectors

• Reduce or replace sugar

• Bake friendly

• Enhanced sensorial

• Prebiotic goodness

• Ease of use

• Humectant

• Shelf life extender

• Mask off notes

• Mouthfeel

• Improve dough rheology

• Enhances freeze thaw properties

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10:30Welcome Address by Mr. GK Rao, F1rst, Chennai
10:35Current & Future Trends of the Nutraceuticals and Food supplements market in India
11:15Introduction and technical presentation on FOS by Tata Chemicals
14:00Technical presentation on applications by Tata Chemicals
15:00Product demonstration with display and tasting
15:45Presentation on regulatory and labelling benefits
16:30Lucky Draw and vote of thanks

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Date: 19th July, 2019

Location: NCR, New Delhi

Venue: The Park Hotel, 15, Sansad Marg, Hanuman Road Area, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

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Contact us

Mr. G.K. Rao


Mob: +91 99529 61087

Contact us

Mr. G.K. Rao


Mob: +91 99529 61087

Contact us

Mr. G.K. Rao


Mob: +91 99529 61087

Contact us

Mr. G.K. Rao


Mob: +91 99529 61087

Contact us

Mr. G.K. Rao


Mob: +91 99529 61087