F1rst cordially invites you to the GiTEx-Table-top Exhibition, “Value addition in dairy products”, an event sponsored by ICL Food Specialities & Anshul Life Sciences.

The single day event is a special program designed to exhibit and demonstrate the health and functional benefits on specialty phosphates, pectins, dietary fibres and probiotics.

This edition of GiTEx will focus on Value addition in dairy products. It will also include scientific & technical sessions by experts from ICL Food Specialities & Anshul Life Sciences.

The event is scheduled to be held on 24th June, 2020, Pune | 26th June, 2020, New Delhi

Market players will see the product exhibits and get the opportunity to listen and interact with the industry experts on various benefits of specialty phosphates and processing of cheese analogs. An overall picture of value addition in dairy products will be discussed during the session.

Highlights of this event:

  • An innovation day dedicated to spread awareness on processing methodology of cheese analogs
  • Discussion about various unexplored health and functional benefits of phosphate salts as ingredients in dairy products
  • Regulations and possible claims with respect to specialty phosphate salts, dietary fibers, probiotics, flavors, pectin and vitamins
  • Market potential of dairy formulations using specialty phosphate salts, whey proteins, and probiotics
  • Key trends: Wellness trends through dairy products
  • Hands-on tasting experience of sample products to help comprehend the value-addition promised by the ingredients
  • A perfect platform for interaction between leading dairy manufacturers and top ingredient manufacturer and supplier in India
  • Healthy concepts around dairy beverages

For more details, visit : www.events.firstmr.com

We extend our complimentary invitation to this event to all the key producers of dairy product manufacturers.

This is an exclusive event by invitation only.

Looking forward to your positive consideration and response.

Contact : Samina Kouser @ +91 7019412855 or write to : Samina@firstmr.com

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