As the world, and in particular India, moves away from starvation to adequate food to even excess food in many cases, the need for nutrition and proper food has become a strong demand from all the stakeholders, and most of all, the consumers.

In parallel, the role played by the processed food sectors is increasing very rapidly in India, and along with it the responsibilities. These responsibilities are multi-fold, but we would like to focus on two specific aspects – nutrition and communication. Even as social media is forcing companies across the world to communicate in a transparent and honest fashion, the focus on the processed food sector with respect to nutrition and the transparency in communication is increasingly being felt across the world. France has taken a lead in this matter and examples abound across countries where food producers are beginning to communicate in a very different manner to the different stakeholders.

While there is no specific pressure on the food sector in India as of now, it is felt that a proactive move by the industry will go a long way in increasing its credibility and acceptance amongst the consumers and other stakeholders.

In this light, F1rst gathers the top-most food industry professionals for an open panel discussion on ‘nutrition and communication’ of the Indian processed food industry.

TOPIC – “Why should the Indian Food Industry Care About Consumer Dialogue and Trust on Nutrition Issues?”


  • 24th April 2019 at Mumbai
  • 26th April 2019 at New Delhi
  • 3rd May 2019 at Bengaluru

Tata Trust cordially invites you to participate in this open panel discussion and contribute towards building trust amongst the consumers.

This is an exclusive event by invitation only.

Looking forward to your positive consideration and response.


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